Sunday, January 29, 2017

6 Benefits of Dance Recital Participation

What is my child getting out of this performance experience?

As a parent, you may be thinking:  I’m paying for a costume that may only get worn once, I’m buying tickets for my whole family to attend a 3-hour recital in which my child will only be dancing for 3 minutes, I’m doing special hair, make-up, and making sure we have the right colour tights - all for what?

Excellent question! 

We think the question deserves an answer J.  Following is a short list of benefits to your child and the reason why participation in the recital is so valuable to their development.
1.       Recitals provide achievable goals

Just as athletes have tournaments and games, performers have recitals!  When a student knows they will be showing their moves off to family and friends, it gives them a bit of extra motivation to work a little bit harder.  In the end, the recital is considered to be the highlight of the dancer’s experience.  It is a celebration of their work over the past year of classes.  The pride they feel in accomplishing this goal is a real confidence-booster! 

2.        Recitals promote social cooperation (teamwork)

The dances in the recital are performed as a class.  Even though dance class encourages the development of the individual, the recital promotes working together toward a common goal.  Camaraderie is a skill that will help the student in school, career, and family life.  Students also learn patience, listening, and leadership skills as they help each other with learning and practising the steps.  (This is also why dance classes usually result in the making of friendships that last a lifetime!)

3.        Recitals help kids overcome anxieties

Because the recital dances are performed in groups, students feel safer about going out in front of a crowd to perform.  They get a sense of empowerment over the nervous feeling, and come out the other side realizing they overcame their fear!  The gratifying sound of applause will encourage them to take action in spite of when they are fearful, and help them to be brave enough to overcome other obstacles they will face in life.

4.        Recitals build memorization skills

Learning how to memorize is a highly-recommended skill for future professional opportunities.  If your child can have the ability to absorb and retain the steps of their dance, they are building skills towards a successful future without even realizing it.  Actually, they are probably just having fun, which is the best way to learn!

5.        Recitals build problem-solving skills

Things don’t always go easily, or as planned.  This is true in life, and in dance!  Learning how to overcome unexpected challenges is one of the many benefits of participating in the performing arts.  Whether it be how to deal with a lost costume piece, or figuring out how to remember to go left instead of right, dealing with the unexpected and working through to viable solutions is very beneficial for students of all ages (and parents too…did you think you were off the hook on this learning curve? Lol).

6.        Recitals create moments of celebration and lifelong memories

For families, recital is an opportunity to celebrate their child’s achievements in dance.  For dancers, the recital is a positive experience that instills a passion for the performing arts and, in turn, a passion for lifelong learning. The costumes and pictures then become valuable keepsakes of a special time for all involved.

Although the thought of the costume, practising, commitment, dress rehearsal, and performing in front of a large audience may seem overwhelming at first, the benefits of participating in the year-end recital are incredible!  Both dancers and parents alike often consider recital as the highlight of the dance year! 

Our Stars on Stage recital will be held this year on June 7 at Pantages Playhouse Theatre.  We can’t wait to celebrate with you!