Thursday, August 31, 2017

Top 10 Reasons Why Dance Should Be The 'Go-To' Activity For Your Child

Reason #1:

Dance builds healthy bodies and healthy habits.

From cardio to strength to flexibility, kids who take dance build regular exercise into their routines.  They learn to understand their bodies, and explore their personal strengths and limitations in a structured and safe environment.

Reason #2:

Dance teaches how to work with others and be part of a team.

Dance teamwork is different from other types of recreational activities in that its all about working together to make each other shine as stars.  When we help one another succeed in dance, the result is not just a 'win', its also a beautiful masterpiece!  

There's something here to be said about safety as well - let's face it, concussions are not a part of dance the way they are in other organized sporting activities.  

Reason #3:

Dance teaches a sense of independence and confidence.

As students practice and master various skills and movements, they begin to feel confident in themselves.  Add to that the fact that dance is a 'performing art', and you can see the strength of character develop in dancers.  Eventually these individuals learn that they are strong and capable, and this leads to self-confidence in other aspects of their lives as well.

Reason #4:

Dance teaches perseverance and how to overcome challenges.  

Sometimes during a performance unexpected things happen, like you fall, or you turn the wrong way.  Dancers learn how to cope and rise above when life throws you surprises, so they learn not only how to survive, but to thrive.

Reason #5:

Dance teaches patience.

Even though dancers make their movements look easy and effortless, it takes time and practice to make it look that way.  It can be frustrating to try to master spins, kicks, jumps, flexibility, and the latest moves, but when theses moves are finally achieved, it is very rewarding.  Dancers learn to be patient through this process, which leads to Reason #6...

Reason #6:

Dance teaches how to set & accomplish goals.

From the youngest to the oldest, dancers always have something to work towards.  For the 3-year-old it may be working toward showing their moves to their family on Observation Day.  The tween may be focused on getting into the splits for the first time.  Or the senior competitive dancer may be working towards getting their first triple pirouette for the next performance.  Dancers get an understanding of setting goals for themselves, and get the satisfaction of achieving these milestones.  They learn to understand this as a rewarding experience that they can apply to other aspects of their life.  

Reason #7:

Dancers learn the importance of working hard for success.

Nothing comes easily to us in life, and dancers learn that in order to accomplish their goals, effort is required. What better skill to equip your child with for success than that!

Reason #8:

Dancers learn respect & manners.

We usually think of dance as being 'disciplined'.  How dance classes are conducted really comes down to learning respect for oneself, their classmates, their teachers, and their environment.  At the end of each class, the students and teachers express how much they appreciate each other by a simple thank you, a bow or curtsy, or a round of applause.  Learning good manners and being respectful is a strong skill for future success in any career.

Reason #9:

Dancers create friendships and memories that last a lifetime.

Adults that took dance as a child can tell you that some of their fondest memories and closest friendships came from their dance class and performance experiences.  There is something about studying this art-form that is unique, and helps to form strong bonds between classmates.  What parent doesn't want their child to be happy and enjoy their childhood?

Reason #10:

Dance is FUN!

Have you heard the phrase, 'Dance like no one is watching'?  Why?  Because it is a blast!  It is an integral part of most life celebrations:  graduation, sweet 16, weddings, etc.  Let your child learn to be comfortable at any social event because they can let loose and dance through celebrations!

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