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4 Mistakes Parents Make When Enrolling Their Child In Dance For the First Time

Your child loves music.
Your child loves to move and put on 'shows'. 
You want your child to learn discipline and feel confident. 
You want your child to exercise and create healthy habits. 
You want your child to make friends and have fun.

These are just some of the reasons parents look to put their child in dance lessons.  With well over 30 dance studios in Winnipeg, dance is a popular activity for kids.  But why so many schools?  Are they all the same?  Dance is dance - right?

Wrong.  After 13 years in business, there are trends and mistakes that we have seen parents make unintentionally time and again.  The studio you enroll your child in at the beginning is SO important.  It can make or break your child's love for dance, their inclination towards healthy habits, their appreciation of the performing arts, and their sense of self-worth for years to come.  We've had families come to us after years at other studios who can't believe their initial choice in a studio ended up being so wrong.  

Don't make the same mistakes - this is your child's future we are talking about!  Here's a helpful list of what NOT to do when enrolling your child in dance for the first time:


Mistake #1 - choosing a studio based on proximity to where you live

Listen, who has time and patience to drive all over the city?  We get it.  But if dance ends up being something your child is inclined towards, don't you want them to spend time and make friends with like-minded people, in an environment that is uplifting and encouraging?  That place, that home away from home, might not be conveniently located at the end of your subdivision.  

There is a reason there are so many dance studios in Winnipeg - each caters to a different kind of clientele, a slightly different approach, and a slightly different atmosphere.  There really is something and somewhere for everyone, but not everywhere is right for you.  

We recommend going into the studio you are considering, asking for a tour, and getting a feel for the atmosphere, the people, and the approach with teaching styles.  You will see that no two studios are the same, and that each has something to offer.  Make sure the studio you choose matches your wants and needs and not just in the short-term when your child is 3 or 4 years old.  Ask about approaches and philosophies for when your child is a teenager, whether they dance recreationally or competitively.  

Parents don't realize that once their child is enrolled in dance, they will make friends, you will make friends, and the next thing you know, you are five years in and realizing that the in-studio approach doesn't match up with your family values or child's personality.  In some cases, a poorly matched environment causes a child or a parent to lose interest in dance.  Also, changing studios brings on a whole new set of challenges, and just like changing schools, it can be a very difficult adjustment for your child.  All of that can be avoided by choosing the right studio in the very beginning. 

We recommend being clear on your values as a parent and on finding a studio that matches those values.

Mistake #2 - choosing a studio based on the biggest or top listed ads

Studios come in all shapes and sizes, but it goes without saying that the bigger studios have a bigger advertising budget.  That makes sense, but just because they are big doesn't mean they are the right match for your family.

In this day and age we all get on the search engine of choice to look for goods and services.  Did you know that the top listed items are in that order because of finances?  The search engines allow businesses to compete for placement based on advertising dollars and bidding.  Bigger businesses can afford to bid higher, and therefore get top placement with the search engines.

So the top listed dance studio is the studio with the biggest financial resources, and not necessarily the best place for your child to start on their dance journey.

Looking at several links is the only way to know if a studio is a good match for you.  Try one from the top, one from the middle, and one from the bottom to get a fair overview of what kinds of studios are available. 

We recommend you scroll down and look at a few different websites and not just the top of the search engine list to find the studio that's right for your family.  

Mistake #3 - choosing a studio based on popularity and awards

Its not very politically correct to say, but its a fact of life:  if a business has more financial resources, those resources can be used to gain more than search engine status.  Best business awards come at a cost, and some studio gems just can't afford them.  

It also makes sense then that the bigger studios will have more competition awards, simply based on numbers. 

So what you want to know is:  what is the process the child and family goes through to get that award?  Every studio has their own expectations and approaches.  Is it more important that you 'always win', or do you want the child to learn how to win in a supportive, encouraging process, where they learn how to win at life, even without a trophy?  

Chances are, even if your child is just preschool age, you should find out about the processes the studio uses to approach competition.  It could save you a lot of heartache for you and your child if you start in a place that matches your long-term hopes for your child.  And that may be for them to 'always win' - just be sure so that you end up in a studio and with friends that are like-minded for your family's long-term happiness.

So don't get star-struck by paid-for awards.  Look beyond the award to the processes and approaches that are in line with your family values.

Mistake #4 - choosing a studio based on class price

It may surprise you to learn that just like retail businesses, dance studios can offer 'lost leaders' to get customers in the door.  Some studios offer significantly reduced pricing, or even free classes for preschoolers to attract students.  If you only look at price, then you might not end up with a positive experience, and may even discourage your child from wanting to dance at all.

Winnipeg is well-known as the 'bargain-hunter's city' and that mentality is very much a part of us as citizens.  But you wouldn't buy an item just because its the cheapest.  You make your purchasing decisions based on getting value for your hard-earned money.

Conversely, some studios use their reputation and status as justification for their high tuition prices.  We can't tell you how many times people have told us about monthly tuition payments that match or exceed their mortgages!  Is that really necessary?!  Maybe, if all the other aspects of the studio are in line.  However, you can probably find a studio that matches both your values and your pocketbook.

We recommend that you look beyond the price when starting out, and instead look at the value of what kind of service you will be receiving and the atmosphere where you will be spending your time while your child is in their class.  The quality of the people you surround yourself with, from teachers to other families, is just as important of a consideration as the cost of the classes themselves.

Parents that are new to dance don't realize at first that its more than just an activity.  Its a community, a place of friendship, and can have a powerful effect on how your child feels about themselves.  It teaches perseverance, strength, independence and teamwork.  Dancers learn about hard work and how to set and accomplish goals.  They have an appreciation for arts and performing arts, and tend to be better students than kids that don't dance.  
It is worthwhile to take care in finding the right dance studio for your family as you will get more out of it than just an activity.  You will also get peace of mind from knowing that where your child is spending time and who they are spending time with are people and spaces that match your values. 

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